Turtle Run Winery is known for incredible scenery, insanely complex dry red and white wines, sweet wines with no sugar added, a Sunday concert series with some of the region’s best bands, and the most unusual winery tours imaginable.

Our Name
When Laura and Jim first purchased the farm in 1997 to begin their dream of owning a winery, they quickly noticed a large population of turtles on the property including a large alligator snapper that crossed the driveway the second time they visited the farm.

This abundance of turtles provided a unique idea for naming the winery. Since then, the popularity of Turtle Run Winery has grown beyond the local region and has attracted winery visitors from across the United States and many countries as well.

The turtle or love of turtle collectibles attracts some of our patrons to visit the winery. Some come just for the namesake. The story of how the name came about is a staple of the Turtle Run Winery brand.

The Scenery
With rolling hills, the winery and vineyard are surrounded by woods. Mixing classic old barns, with natural and added flora, it’s very easy to relax and unwind. And if venturesome, grab a glass of wine and wander through 15 acres of vines!

The Wines
With 30 plus wines on the list, we hope, and think, we’ve got a wine for everyone. Turtle Runs winemaking is both classic and super-modern! Check out the 40 barrels of wine, all neatly stacked and aging future vintages.

Jim follows a lot of classic French winemaking techniques, so a sip of Max’s Small Batch Red will indulge your taste buds in the art of blending dry reds. A sip of Catherine’s Blend demonstrates that American sweet wine doesn’t need added sugar. And a sip of “The Chard” shows how super cold fermentation can intensify the fruity flavors in a lovely dry white.

Turtle Tours
A visit to Turtle Run Winery is not complete without a crazy tour from Jim Pfeiffer, owner, and winemaker! A consummate student of wine and vines, Jim has done extensive research on taste, viticulture, winemaking, and the history of wine.

Jim also loves to share what he has learned over the years. Nothing’s canned or rehearsed with Jim. For that matter, I don’t think he’s given the same tour twice and he’s done way more than 1000 tours.

Want a Five-minute tour! Sure! Want the half-hour version! Let’s do it! The best of any Turtle Run tour is that Jim likes to explain the “why” and the “how” behind everything. Ask him about barrels. Does the shape of a wine glass change the flavor! Absolutely! If you ask him how taste works, he

may end up counting your taste buds! For sure he’ll certainly tell you how your subconscious interprets flavors. Tours at Turtle Run are extremely entertaining and quite informative.

Wine Tastings
The staff at Turtle Run is very knowledgeable and good at listening to what wines you like and making selections based on your preferences. As always, you are free to choose from any of the 30-plus wines on the list. For more information on wine tasting, click here.

Cost:  $5 for 8 samples, or so

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