Mourvedre is quite the popular grape variety in Europe.  Probably originating in the Spanish Mediterranean area and is commonly grown in the southern Rhone area.  It’s also gained a stronghold in California and is primarily used in blending or as a varietal wine with smaller wineries.  The name doesn’t carry the cache in the marketplace so you probably won’t find any bottles at the liquor stores.

The grape is known for tannins and gamey fruit and our wine fits the bill.  This is our first bottling of this wine and of course, as the first bottling, this one is going to be a little creative in our winemaking ways.  This is the saignee juiced wine or racked-off fermenting juice into oak to complete fermentation in oak.  So the color is a little light due to limited skin contact.  Well, sort of limited skin contact.  (Smiley face)  After pressing our red wines, the wines settle and particulate matter from the spent yeast cells and small skin parts sink to the bottom of the tank and the clean wine sits comfortably on top.  After we carefully pull the wine from the sediment into another tank or barrels, it’s time to clean the settling tank….or is it?  We carefully took that “mucky stuff” and placed it in glass 5-gallon carboys.  Shockingly, guess what?  Over time, some wine eventually says “Hi” and comes to the top.  Carefully siphoned off, that wine is darn good and great for adding another layer to other wines.  And it doesn’t take much.  So yes, I added 5 gallons of this amazing wine to the blend.

Great structure when you taste it.  Lots of fruit, but gamey fruit, if that makes sense.  Long, lingering finish.


Vintage:  2021| Variety:  Mourvedre | Appellation:  Amador County, CA
Acid 0.78| PH 3.71| Alcohol % 12.9| Residual Sugar .0%

Price: $20 per bottle

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