Crimson Cuvee is a red blend (“Cuvee” in French means “blend”) of two different types of blending, field blending and post fermentation / bottling blending.

The 2020 growing season was a challenge, a serious challenge with killing frosts and freezes on April 14th and 15th and then again on May 8th.  That challenge made us realize that whatever we were making in wines from our vineyard would be field blends because no variety was going to provide us with enough fruit to make varietal wines.

The original cuvee is primarily Chambourcin and Frontenac, with subtle additions from harvest of St. Croix, Corot Noir and Noiret.

Things were progressing through the growing season then August hit.  It turns out that 2020 wasn’t done with creating challenges growing grapes.  A record number of rainy days and nights greeted us which delayed harvest, increased the acidity, and diminished the anthocyanin, the color compound in the wines.

The flavors though were quite captivating and isn’t that what matters most.  The wine tasted great, but I felt it needed just a bit of a jolt, a little push to get it to the finish line, so we added a slight amount of syrah to take the wine over the edge.

Lovely fruit, complex flavors, with a light crispness with a generous finish.  Some get some chocolate spice in the wine, and I get that.  A great addition to our wine list.


Vintage: 2020| Varietal Chambourcin, Frontenac, St. Croix, Noiret, Corot Noir and Syrah
Vineyard Designation | Turtle Run Vineyards, Corydon, IN and Syrah from Lodi, CA
Percent Alcohol 12.6% | Residual sugar 0% | PH 3.47

$18.00 per bottle

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