Chambourcin is our oldest vineyard, planted in 1998.  Chambourcin is a hybrid grape variety of French and American grape origin.  No one knows the exact parentage of the grape, but it is grown in many places, especially Eastern US and the Hunter Valley in Australia.  We have lots of flexibility in making wine with Chambourcin and over the 17 vintages, we think we are finally figuring out some of the crazy nuances with this grape and how to take advantage of each growing season on how to approach the wine.

The 2018 growing year was a wet one.  Very wet.  We don’t use added tannins and the worry was this would be a weak red due to the dilution of the grapes from the rains.  We used a process called “Saignee” which, in French, means “bleeding.”  After fermentation began, once the skins started to be pushed to the surface via carbon dioxide, we drained off 15% of the juice to give us a higher juice-to-skin contact ratio.  There is no set amount of juice to saignee, so you’re guessing.  I can tell you this.  We got lucky and absolutely got it right!

Vintage 2018| Varietal Chambourcin | Appellation:  Indiana Uplands / Pfeiffer Vineyards
Acid 0.76 | PH 3.58| Alcohol % 12.42
Aging:  American oak barrels

Price: $20 per bottle

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